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Dr. Ed Park, Creator and Writer

Dr. Ed Park

Dr. Park is a Southern Californian physician and writer

Ed is currently a physician practicing Ob-Gyn, Laser Aesthetics, and Anti-Aging.

He has spent most of his spare time since 2005 learning the craft of writing, eventually creating "Maximum Lifespan" as well as his upcoming historical novel about "Hypatia of Alexandria"

In his spare time, he enjoys golf, traveling with his family, and listening to "Teaching Company" CDs.

The idea for Maximum Lifepsan is a case of art imitating life. Since 2007, he has been ingesting TA-65, the world's first telomerase activator similar to the novel's fictional "Telorestore."

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Jove Leksell, Artist (click to open ------------>)

Jove Leksell

Jove is a painter/illustrator who works with concept and sequential art from his home in Sweden.

Originally, Jove was working with creating concept art for game development studios but in early 2007 he met Dr. Ed Park online and given the chance of working on a graphic novel he immediately set out to realize ""Maximum Lifespan,"" a project that ended up taking on a life on it's own."

Today Jove is doing freelance work and is looking forward to finally showing friends and family what he has been working on the last couple of years.

To see more of Joves work, visit his website at: