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- Boston, 2128

Boston, 2128
After the Clone Riots, city fathers erected a wall to keep Humanist mobs away from vital Biotech companies and the super-wealthy.

- The Metro Wall

The Metro Wall
In times of civil unrest, protestors are kept outside the wall by any means necessary and curfews are brutally enforced.

- Symbiogenesis HQ

Symbiogenesis HQ
Dr. Ken Garrett's Biotech company. Makers of life-extending Telorestore, which is inhaled along with mood-stabilizing drugs by most wealthy people.

- Sub-basement 7 - Lobotomized clones

Sub-basement 7 - Lobotomized clones
Discovery of lobotomized clones, illegally manufactured for organ harvesting, triggered a brief but bloody class war in 2099. Rumors that the facility is up and running again have angered the Humanist protestors.

- Sub-basement 8 - Frozen heads

Sub-basement 8 - Frozen heads
Super-wealthy individuals live on as 'decorpitated' heads connected to thought emulators. Their families can have virtual visitations with the 'nearly-departed' for some pretty hefty fees.

- Sub-basement 9 - Consciousness Lab

Sub-basement 9 - Consciousness Lab
With the help of psychotropic drugs and sleep deprivation, consciousness transfer is possible using digital archives or live subjects.

- Zen Monastery, Japan

Zen Monastery, Japan
In this tranquil setting, Will Garrett, estranged son of Dr. Ken Garrett, meditates and awaits his father's imminent cryogenic death. Death threats discourage him from returning to Boston.

- Hospital

Humanists who refuse Telorestore_ or artificial organ transplants go here to die. For most others, they are like auto repair stations where organ maintenance and the occasional upgrade or recall is performed by Prometheus organ technicians (aka Doctors and nurses.)

- Lana's Lab

Lana's Lab
Dr. Lana Pierce investigates a mysterious DNA sequence here. Although extracted from a human, this sequence is not of human origin.

- Ruth's House

Ruth's House
A kind stranger brings Lana's mother home so she can die in peace. But it is only a trap to carry out the assassination of Will and Lana.

- Rosemary's House

Rosemary's House
Will's mother has been living here under an assumed name for thirty years. The day of reckoning for her sins has come at last.

Corporation's success was an ironic consequence of Symbiogenesis' success. After Ken Garrett's Telorestore doubled human lifespan to around 160 years, biosynthetic organs were needed to replace the organs most prone to wearing out after the first 100 years of life.waren.

Those replacement organs included kidneys, retinas, blood producing cells, and hearts, just to name a few.

was launched by a private equity front for the so-called "Brandenberg Group." Through the years, conspiracy buffs have tried to link it to Arab princes, the Israeli Secret service, Freemasons, and Agnus dei.

One of its first acts was to buy out CryoConcierge, the head-freezing specialists who most of the 21st century's billionaires trusted with their afterlives.

Dr. Garrett was brought in to supervise what would eventually become the illegal lobotomized cloning program that sparked the class war of 2099.

Symbiogenesis remains comfortably private due to the remarkable success of inhaled Telorestore as a means of doubling the life expectancy by reversing stem cell aging.

Symbiogenesis has introduced its new "Transhumanist Project" in order to download consciousness from a dying person to his own clone. There are rumors that Garrett didn't bother waiting for approval before moving ahead with the controversial technology.

began with chat room applications but quickly moved towards more and more realistic forms of immersive entertainment. Throughout the years, their 'porn interactives' have required fewer and fewer senses to enjoy cyber intimacy. .

  1. First, visors replaced vision,
  2. Next, motion capture redefined interactivity
  3. and finally, touch was even encoded by virtual helmets alone.
Popular actresses live on in classic titles and some even perform and live sessions well into their seventies.

is the logical extension of consciousness emulation and artificial reproduction. The goals of the new joint company are twofold:

  • Allow clients to download their consciousness into freshly manufactured, self-identical clones
  • Re-engineer the species to eliminate aging and create naturally immortal people